Heavenly Hedgerows - Award Winning Preserves

Heavenly Hedgerows began life in 2008, born out of a love of cooking, walking and foraging for local wild plants and berries. It all started when Chris first went to market with her foraged preserves and liqueurs. Since then the business has grown organically around her young family. 

Today Heavenly Hedgerows still produce all their original produce, with the addition of a 'not foraged - still fabulous' range which includes classics like raspberry, strawberry, plum and blackcurrant jam all made using British fruits, sourced as locally as possible. This beautiful raw produce, is turned into the most delightful collection of preserves and liqueurs. 


According to founder Chris, she “likes connecting with the local community and has a swapping system, whereby people drop off excess produce in return for a preserve". Now that sounds like a fab way to engage and support your local community.    

Chris is trained in classic preserve making by author, tutor and award-winning preserver, Vivien Lloyd. She makes all their produce herself, from a workshop at their farmhouse in Keynsham, Somerset. All the batches are made in very small quantities, 6 to 8 jars per batch. This means that each and every batch is skill-fully watched over and without the need for commercial pectins or anything added except fruit. Chris says, "I use the fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit" for a clear and naturally set preserve. 

Heavenly Hedgerows supplies Bristol & Bath based hospitality businesses, farm shops and delis who understand how she works. "Maintaining close contact with my customers means I can develop a relationship whereby we both understand how each other's business works. It's personal and honest. I'm delighted to be working with another local small producer - the Wild Flour Cake Co - and am very excited to see what they make with my preserves".

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