St Ewe Eggs

Eggcellent news…. We are now proudly working with St Ewe Eggs, who are based in the stunning Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. At St Ewe, they strongly believe that the chicken comes first, and we must admit, we have to agree that a happy, healthy and free-range hen will produce delicious, highly nutritious eggs full of flavour and colour! This makes them the perfect ingredient for our cakes. 

St Ewe’s key philosophies around not only passion for welfare but also an obsession for nutrition are paramount to us and is what makes us tick. The ingredients in our cakes are carefully chosen to reflect both of these beliefs, we don’t believe in cutting corners so keep things simple, using wholesome ingredients, organic flour, real butter instead of margarine, locally made and sourced preserves, the list goes on… which is why the quality of our cakes is second to none. 

We recently visited the incredible team behind St Ewe Eggs and had a little chat with CEO Rebecca and had a chance to ask some great questions.

What do you think your most important company values are? 
In just a few words, I think this has to be our Family, Innovation, Boldness, Nurture and Transparency. 

How you think you have been able to establish the culture you have in all your employees? 
Gosh, I'm not sure. We are incredibly lucky to work with such amazing people and I love it. We all work very hard and as you are well aware building a business from scratch is like bringing up a child, if you treat your business with as much effort and love then everyone around you will do that too...
What have been your biggest turning points in the businesses growth?  And the best decisions you have made? 
Biggest turning point for us is innovation in our brand. We were very lucky with our Rich Yolk brand which is still growing, this has enabled us to jump on the next rung of the ladder and expand. Best decisions are overwhelming clouded by my worst decisions and you learn from them!

They also get involved with many local charities which are close to their heart. From "Sleep Out" for homelessness, supporting Pancreatic Cancer UK by pledging to donate 5p when they sell a carton of their 'Super Eggs' and lastly, they created the Shell Out To Help Out #SO2HO campaign when the UK went into the 3rd National Lockdown with the Covid19 pandemic. They saw over half of their business disappear overnight, as a result of the hospitality and food sector being their largest customers. But with egg production still going strong, they had to do something in order to reduce food waste so for each tray sold at a heavily reduced price, they donated a carton of 6 eggs to Food Banks across Cornwall. Partnering with local charities to help spread the word and distribute the eggs to where they were needed most, to the rising number of local families struggling to afford to put food on the table.    

“Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods you can buy as well as being affordable, extremely versatile, simple to cook and easily digestible for all age groups; the perfect food for all! So, let’s get them out there and share this beautiful British product with those that need it most.”  Bex Tonks, St Ewe CEO



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