St Ewe Eggs

Eggcellent news…. We are now proudly working with St Ewe Eggs, who are based in the stunning Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. At St Ewe, they strongly believe that the chicken comes first, and we must admit, we have to agree that a happy, healthy and free-range hen will produce delicious, highly nutritious eggs full of flavour and colour! This makes them the perfect ingredient for our cakes. 

St Ewe’s key philosophies around not only passion for welfare but also an obsession for nutrition are paramount to us and is what makes us tick. The ingredients in our cakes are carefully chosen to reflect both of these beliefs, we don’t believe in cutting corners so keep things simple, using wholesome ingredients, organic flour, real butter instead of margarine, locally made and sourced preserves, the list goes on… which is why the quality of our cakes is second to none. 

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