Be Better Butter - A Plant Based Butter Alternative

Increased understanding of the food we eat, the impact this has on our bodies and the environment, has hugely influenced the modern diet. 

Interestingly the foundation of pastry has not changed since the middle ages but in a changing world, the way we depend on the use of animal derived ingredients includes how we make our pastry. 

Introducing a new favourite here at the bakery, ‘Be Better Butter’. A 100% plant-based butter alternative, promising a 1:1 replacement without compromising texture, taste and profit resulting in a better planet all round. 

Something which took Be Better My Friend 24 months to develop, ensuring a neutral taste and clean label, without containing soy, palm, artificial colours, flavours or allergens. But delivering a similar melting point and behaviour to traditional butter, providing the same convenience without the guilt. Welcome our new Be Better lemon traybake, a beautifully moist, soft textured sponge with lashings of lemon and a silky smooth lemon frosting for extra vegan indulgence. 

Of course, we won’t just stop at one cake with a product  that’s this good. As we continue to develop and create more cakes and flavour combinations, the use of Be Better Butter will feature in many more of our bakes.


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