Beetroot, Orange & Ginger

Beetroot, Orange & Ginger


10 inch round

A real show stopper that looks great on display and will get your customers talking.

We love baking with fresh beautiful ingredients. Many people are already familiar with vegetables in cakes (carrot cake), beetroot works in the same way. The natural sweetness and the moisture of a beetroot works brilliantly in cakes. Ginger gives it a beautiful soft warmth, and orange gives it a zesty kick. But it’s not all healthy…we top with our cream cheese and honeycomb to balance.

Finished with orange zest and rose petals. Not to be missed!

Pre-marked into 16 peices. Not fully cut to prevent drying out and to protect cake during delivery to you.

Shelf Life of 10 days. Keep refridgerated overnight.

Allergens: Gluten, Milk, Egg, Nut

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Nutritional Data (per 100g)

Energy (kcal): 311.88

Energy (kj): 1308.74

Protein (g): 6.26

Carbohydrate (g): 40.19

of which sugars (g): 24.73

Fat (g): 14.15

of which saturates (g): 2.55

Fibre (g): 1.99

Sodium (g): 0.25