Could you send me samples?

Yes we would love you to try our cakes.

If you looking for wholesale cakes for your establishment, please get in touch with Jess and we will arrange a visit filled with lots of yummy cake samples. 

If you are looking for a celebration cake we offer cake tastings at the bakery, so you can make sure you are getting the perfect cake for your big day. 


Do you pre-cut your wholesale cakes?

Yes we do cut all of our traybakes right the way through. All you have to do is take them out of the box. Muffins come in boxes of 12.

We do not pre-cut loaf cakes or round cakes to protect them in transit. We can provide you with a measuring tool to mark the cakes before cutting. If you would like us to come and give a quick demonstration of how to best cut our cakes to avoid wastage or mistakes, please just ask. 


Do you do Gluten-free and Vegan Cakes?

Yes we do. It is worth saying however, that we are a small bakery which does use flour, egg, milk and honey.

Our free-from cakes are baked in separate tins a different mixer and oven. They are kept as free from gluten and animal products as possible.


How do I store my cakes?

Our cakes have a shelf life of between 7-14 days depending on the type. 

We would recommend storing your cakes in the fridge overnight. The cakes keep their sparkle if you do not put them out on display for more than 3 days. Try to keep you cakes in a chilled or aerated display if possible. We know this is not always an option. As long as they are not in a very hot stuffy environment, they will keep well. 

Cakes are best served at ambient temperature to get the best flavour and texture experience. 


Is there a minimum delivery?

Within the city centres there is a minimum delivery of £50.

Outside of the city, it maybe higher. We can talk to you to discuss this further. 


Do you offer credit accounts?

Yes we do. To start ordering from us, you need to return the New Account Form. We give you a paper invoice at the time of delivery (which also acts as a delivery note). Your accounts contact is emailed the invoice on the delivery day, and then statements are sent at the end of each month. Your account is due 14 days after the invoice month. £1000 credit limit applies.